Christ the King Christian Academy was
founded to provide a sound Christian education
for the children and youth of Stanly County
and surrounding areas.  This education will be
holistic in its approach, focusing on the mental,
social, physical, moral, and spiritual
development of each child.
     It is the spiritual aspect that sets Christian
schools apart from other forms of education
in today's society.  The spiritual dimension of
education forms the foundation upon which
the other disciplines are taught and equips
individuals with the inner resources required to
meet challenges in life.  It is this spiritual
foundation which adds depth and perspective
to all areas of learning.  Education which
neglects an individual's spiritual nature is
     Several denominations are working
together toward these goals, united in the
effort to instruct the children in basic
Christianity (those things which are common to
the Body of Christ and supported by
Scripture) and at the same time respecting
the denominational differences which may be
present in the classroom.

Christ the King Christian Academy
Following the Way. Teaching the Truth. Living the Life.
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