Christ the King Christian Academy financially exists by the payment of tuition and fees, and through the generous contributions of people who care about educating the children of this area within a Christian worldview. We have received gifts from children who don't even live in this county who have asked their parents to send a donation to our school instead of birthday presents! We have received gifts from friends in Germany who believe in this ministry but who obviously could not have their children enrolled here. We have received contributions from parents, grandparents, churches, businesses, and so forth that want to see the children that are enrolled here grow in both their spiritual faith and the academic abilities.
   Currently, we are focused on paying off the loans that enabled us to build the wonderful facilities that we currently use. The vast majority of the cost of the building has been paid through contributions and not tuition or fees. We try to keep our tuition and fees as low as possible in order to educate as many as would desire a Christian education.
   Would you being willing to help as well? Unlike public and charter schools, we do not receive any funding from federal, state, or county sources. Any contribution given to CTKCA may be tax deductable for you since we are a 501(c)(3) organization. Check with your financial advisor for specific legal guidance.

Christ the King Christian Academy
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