I grew up in public school until I was 16. I felt like in middle school, that I had to be Jesus to my depressed friends. I was tired of being alone in my faith and not able to express it and let it out to spread. When I came to CTKCA, I was able to breath, letting go, and making connections with people who actually noticed me. A testimony I have, is in January 2017, I had brain surgery for an aneurism. CTKCA, family and church prayed the hardest out of anyone. I am so very grateful for God putting me where I am and for the people who care about you no matter who you are.

Alexis Hathcock, High School Student

Financial Information

Individuals seeking financial aid may apply and submit information through the FAST website  An application fee of $45 is charged for the use of this service.

Standard Fees

  • Initial Enrollment Fee (one time): $300
  • Tuition: $325/month
  • No additional fees are incurred for re-enrollment

Tuition is paid monthly to the school office in the form of check, cash, debit card, or credit card.** 

**Please note a 3% fee is assessed for use of debit and credit cards

Optional Programs

  • After-School Program: $6/day
  • School Lunch: lunches are ordered via menus attached to the weekly newsletter

Scholarship Information

The Opportunity Scholarship Program expands school choice in North Carolina through scholarship grants for eligible children in Kindergarten through 12th grade. This program provides funding of up to $4,200/year for eligible children who choose to attend a participating non-public school.

Online applications and qualifications are available now for new applicants for the 2020-2021 school year at www.ncseaa.edu.

The Opportunity Scholarship new student application will open February 1, 2020. Current Opportunity Scholarship recipients with eligibility applications who renew by March 1 will be guaranteed an Opportunity Scholarship. All new applicants who apply by March 1 will be entered in a lottery and have an equal chance of being selected for an Opportunity Scholarship. New applicants who are not selected in the lottery will be added to a waitlist in the order of the lottery number.

Other scholarships are available by supporters of the school. Please contact the school office for more information and availability.