Middle & High School

Our goal is to ensure our middle school and high school students will be ready for whatever God has planned for their lives. In addition to the purely academic skills of arithmetic, writing, and science, our students are equipped with the ability to defend their faith with strength and integrity.


  • Small class sizes 
  • College-prep level 
  • Student-focused help classes 
  • All curriculum is Christ-centered


  • History: American, world, economics, government, geography
  • Science: Earth & space, physical science, biology, advanced biology, chemistry, physics, anatomy
  • Math: Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 & 2, geometry, pre-calculus, calculus, consumers’ math
  • English: Analytical literature, grammar/spelling, writing
  • Other classes: Bible study, Spanish 1 & 2, physical education, computer, Greek
  • Additional classes are also offered through Stanly Community College’s Career and College Promise program

Spiritual Overview

Middle school students complete the Bob Jones curriculum which focuses on Bible truths, heritage studies, and provides a Biblical Worldview across subjects.

High school students complete a four-year Bible study which focuses are these four themes:

  1. Crossways – a walk through the Bible highlighting little known facts and the history of Biblical times.
  2. Doctrines – a study of what Christians hold in common and differences among them in order to strengthen and deepen one’s faith.
  3. Ethics – helps students understand how to live out their faith in our world.
  4. Apologetics – prepares students to understand various worldviews and defend their faith to those who do not believe in the Bible.

High school students also participate in service projects such as packing shoeboxes at the warehouse for Operation Christmas Child.

Other Activities

  • Washington, DC trip
  • Leading “See You at the Pole”
  • Helping students in the lower school
  • Spring Banquet
  • National Conference on Christian Apologetics
Reverend John Kahl

Reverend John Kahl

Mrs. Cindy Kahl

7th/8th Grade Supply List

High School Supply List

"This is my first year at CTKCA and so far, I’m enjoying it. My classes are not boring, and I like my teachers, Mr. and Mrs. Kahl. The food is awesome. Most of all, I like our Literature class. Right now, we’re reading The Count of Monte Cristo. It’s a long book but I’m enjoying it and can’t wait to finish it."

Janissa Rockstad, High School Student