Mission & Core Values

Christ the King Christian Academy was created in August 1999 to provide a Christ-centered education to students in Stanly County and the surrounding area, which has an ideal location only seven miles from downtown Albemarle. The education is holistic in its approach: focusing on the mental, social, physical, moral, and spiritual development of the child.

The spiritual aspect sets the academy apart from other forms of education currently available to students in the area. The spiritual dimension of education forms the foundation upon which other disciplines are taught, and it equips individuals with the character required to meet challenges in life. The spiritual foundation adds depth and perspective to all areas of learning. We at Christ the King believe that education which neglects an individual’s spiritual nature is inadequate to equip the student later in life. 

Christ the King is a non-denominational ministry whose goal is to instruct children in the basics of Christianity as supported by Scripture. It respects denominational differences that may be present in the classroom.
Christ the King Christian Academy

CTKCA moved into its current location at 210 North Ferry Road in 2005. The academy sits on 58 acres of rolling hills near the center of New London. This open space provides plenty of room for students to exercise and connect with the world God created for them. The facility is handicap accessible and includes 10 classrooms, a media center, and lunchroom.

"My educational philosophy is that as people created in the image of God we need to be educated in a holistic manner. That is to say, we are physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual creations and all must be trained. Most schools neglect at least one aspect of that and it is usually the spiritual dimension which is arguably the most important in the light of eternity. At CTKCA, we strive to provide a Bible program especially at the high school level that will prepare the student to meet the spiritual challenges that they encounter in life and to make a difference for the Kingdom of God."

Rev. John Kahl